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Exhibition, Nano Gallery, Centrul de interes, Cluj

Red Rain

October 3o – November 22  2018

Northridge CC Art Gala


3D Art / Augmented Reality 

3rd  March 2018

Raleigh, NC

European Contemporary Art Center [ECCA} Pre-inaugural Event

Breaking Views. Memory under construction | Future in waiting.

Urban Interventions by Media Art

November 16-25 2017

Opening/Guided Tour: November 16, 19:00, Libraria Universitatii, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Exhibition Adrian Grecu and Mihai Anton

The Incomplete Survival Kit.

3D Art / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

April 10-30 2017

Opening: April 10, 18:00, 45 Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania